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EI9IW HF Station

Home Setup

EI9IW station layout. Click for more detail. A Yaesu FT1000MP/DC is connected to a Diamond CP-6 multi-band vertical and a half size G5RV. The CP-6 is useful on the higher bands, but the G5RV is a limiting factor below 14Mhz, especially as it's only 4 metres above ground level, at the centre. In the very near future I plan to double the height of this antenna. The next step would be to replace it with something longer. My preference would be for a doublet that was at least twice the length, but possible problems with feeder arrangements might limit me to a full size G5RV, which is at least easy to feed and setup.

Portable Setup

A Kenwood TS-50 is used with a Watson 40 metre whip. The rig takes power from the cars cigar lighter socket. For obvious safety reasons, I limit the transmitted power to 50 watts, and don't operate when the car is moving. The rig sits on the passenger seat when in use, but is not normally fitted in the vehicle. I have the external auto-ATU for this rig, but I don't normally use it. Almost all of my portable HF work is on 7.068 MHz, which is the Worked All Ireland (WAI) frequency